Unclogging My Clogged Up River

Unclogging My Clogged Up River

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38)

Since we are saved, each one of us has a river of living water running through our lives and souls. Of course, it is not a literal river; rather, it is the river of God. Out of this river, flows the fruit of the Spirit, the will to be obedient to God and His Word, the power to forgive those who have wronged us, and the “peace that passeth all understanding and joy unspeakable”. This river of life will never be removed from our lives, not even when we get to Heaven. But, if we are not careful we can allow this river to become clogged up and sometimes, it can be a journey getting it unclogged.

Many Christians have allowed their river to clog up. They have become discouraged with the trials of life that they can’t seem to remember that they are God’s child. Things that used to come easy seem hard. The bounty of joy that they once had seems only a little trickle of fleeting excitement. They have become stuck, their minds and their hearts have become stuck and every step seems as though it is a struggle.

Does this sound like you? Does this sound like someone you know? I have discovered that a lot of times, people feel this way because they are trying to do thing in their own power. They try to make things happen for themselves and if it does not work out, then they are left feeling unfulfilled. Issues such as disobedience, negative attitudes, unforgiveness, unkindness, and so forth, can become like dirt that fills our river, causing it to clog up. Each day, we have to ask God to clear away the issues in our lives that keep our river from flowing the way it should. God wants our rivers to flow with the fruit of His spirit and His love into the lives of our family and friends. If you let your river remain clogged up, you will be unable to taste the refreshing water that can only come from Jesus Christ.

So, may I encourage you, allow God to clear away the pollution in your river. He will help you to see the need to be obedient to His Word, to express the fruit of the Spirit, and to forgive. Whatever issue you have in your river, let God take it out of your river so that your river can flow freely and so you and others around you can be blessed.

Lord, we are reminded today of the fresh living water that flows through our lives as followers of You. Deliver us from allowing unforgiveness, disobedience, and sin from clogging up our river. Help us to depend on You, to be vessels fit for Your use, examples to those around, and a living well that gushes with fresh clean water every day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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